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The commercial property world has changed dramatically over the last few years and gone are the days of 25 year lease terms.
A tough economic climate has led to much shorter lease terms and the common inclusion of ‘break clauses’ within leases, such as allowing a lease to be ended early, is often only agreed if certain criteria is met.

In the commercial property world, a contentious and hot topic is ‘material’ and ‘absolute’ compliance break clauses which can be very difficult for the Tenant to achieve and it is not uncommon for Landlords to try to frustrate these breaks to keep the tenant rather than losing the rental income.

As Building Surveyors, we provide advice to both Landlords and Tenants regarding the repairing obligations etc. within the lease. For Tenants this can be advising on the most cost-effective way of meeting their obligations and for Landlords it can be maximising their position to ensure the building is returned in good order or cash settlement in lieu.

Strategic Advice will assist greatly in establishing the strength of a party’s position subsequent and negotiations whether it be a new lease on different terms, or as often occurs a smaller demise.

For Strategic exit advice, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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