Space Planning / Audits

Space utilisation is a measure of how and if space is being used efficiently.

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It is strategically important that space management measure and assists facilities managers in ensuring the space which they occupy continues to remain suitable for their business / institutional needs ensuring inter-relationship between staff and/or departments.

The purpose of space planning/audits is to determine how the current space is being used, establish where there are problems with over capacity or shortages of space and to develop managed solutions.

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Undertaking this process will allow decisions to be made in respect to the following:

  • Is re-arrangement or re-assignment of existing space necessary?
  • Will it be necessary to dispose of under-occupied buildings or space?
  • Will it be necessary to obtain further space or additional buildings to accommodate over-capacity?

The review process can typically take the following form:

  • By interview assessment and comparison with accepted standards.
  • Identify physical-use spare capacity.
  • Identify rooms which are overcrowded or otherwise falling below standards.
  • Record occupancy numbers of each room.
  • Recorded uses of each room.
  • List recommended changes.

The results are recorded in a full written report which summarises the main conclusions. We can compare the accommodation provided with current standards and expectations.

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