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Rights of Light


Rights of Light is a specialist area of Neighbourly Matters relating to buildings which have the right to receive light into the window openings.

Buildings adjacent to proposed new building developments can be adversely affected and therefore developers must carefully consider this at Pre-Acquisition and Design stage.

The Right of Light is effectively the right to see a patch of the sky from a window opening and receive the light from it into the room. If these rights are affected, there might be a possibility of an injunction being granted, to prevent the works, or to alter/demolish the building to remove any infringement. Damages and compensation may also be applicable, or be imposed instead of an injunction.

Not all buildings or even all windows within the building necessarily have a Right to Light. AG will carry out the necessary research to identify where these rights exist.

AG understand Rights of Light and the impact that these rights can have on a construction project. If we are instructed at an early stage in the appraisal/feasibility or design, we can assist the project team in highlighting the applicable risks and work to minimize or remove the risk where possible.

Via technical analysis and background research we can identify the Rights of Light risks to the developer and advise on the appropriate course of action.

AG can assist in the negotiation and settlement of Rights of Light claims, where the affected party and developer each appoint a surveyor to assess the impact on the rights.

If you require further advice, speak to a Neighbourly Matters expert at AG.

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