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Quinquennial Inspections


Quinquennial Inspections are undertaken every five years to Church buildings in order to assess their condition and plan future maintenance.

Anderton Gables have a Chartered Surveyor who is on the Blackburn Diocese Advisory Councils approved list.

Churches are some of the highest quality buildings in the country, however they also have many unique design features which can be expensive to maintain. At Anderton Gables we understand the challenges faced by Churches, and aim to support PCCs in order to provide both strategic advice and practical cost effective solutions.

Our Surveyors have a detailed knowledge and understanding of historic construction and maintenance.  We also have excellent relationships with specialist contractors in order to tender and manage the resulting work, if required. When an instruction is received, our inspections are promptly undertaken and reports issued in a timely fashion.

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Chartered Building Surveyor

Tim Lynas
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