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Measured Building Surveys


Make sure you don’t bear the cost of an inaccurate or incomplete survey. AG’s expertise and experience undertaking a range of Measurement Services around the UK enable us to reliably and accurately provide detailed and concise information relating to any property or site.

If building or site records are inaccurate, out of date or missing and this is identified further down the line, it can cause costly design errors. A Measured Building Survey will ensure your drawings are current, accurate and contain all the necessary information.

Our Services include:

  • Measured Building + Site Surveys
  • Area Referencing + Analysis
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Ariel photography, Video + Surveying
  • 3D Laser Scanning + Drone Surveys

These can be instructed individually, or multiple elements can be undertaken simultaneously. Using the latest digital surveying methods, we can continuously add to a dataset by visiting premises in multiple occasions, reducing the need to start over every time something new or in addition is required.

An accurate Measured Building Survey will generate an up to date record of the layout and arrangement of an existing site or building. Often, only printed or significantly out of date plans exist for properties, not only is it good practice to have an accurate record of your building but you will need them in a usable digital format to undertake any further development in the future.


Our Surveyors can undertake a detailed levels survey of any site area. This will be either standalone or in conjunction with a Measured Building Survey to provide you with a package detailing the entire site inclusive of the land around it, delivered as a simple site plan, or more detailed contour plan depending on your needs and requirements.


We use the latest technology and digital methods to undertake a survey to ensure an accurate record is generated. We can then transform this data into plans, sections, elevations or even 3D models of the building that can then be used to generate further development drawings.


From offices, industrial units, retail spaces, new build sites, housing, redevelopment & refurbishments among others, our Measured Survey Teams are experienced in capturing in detail the information required to successfully record all information needed from a site or building

Area referencing is the process of assessing, measuring, and accurately reporting the area within a given building, room or other specified extent. In accordance with the latest edition of the RICS Code Of Measuring Practice or the International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) we can undertake a detailed Measured Building Survey and produce Net Internal Area (NIA), Gross Internal Area, (GIA) and Gross External Area (GEA). We also offer a variety of other measurement methodologies including retail zoning (ITZA).


AG offer a professional and independent Measurement Service for those in the property and construction industries, from Building Owners, Managers, Agents, Developers and Contractors, to Funders and other interested parties. Acting for our Clients nationwide we regularly undertake Surveys of Office, Retail, Educational, Residential and Heritage properties in any condition from dilapidated to brand new. You can rely upon the reports produced by AG to accurately assess and present the areas achieved by your buildings and assets.

Using traditional and digital surveying techniques we can record progression on a site development at regular intervals to allow either a visual overview or to quantify the progression and compare to the expected position at any given time.


Taking measurements and visual records at regular intervals will allow you to monitor the progress of a development and see how it is changing over time.

Using a remotely operated UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) or ‘Drone’ with a high definition camera mounted to it allows us to monitor, view, photograph and record the state of any building or site from above. The use of the drone is a far faster and safer means for inspecting high level area or areas where it may not be safe to walk and removes the need for any high-level access equipment which can be costly and slow to operate.


Drone images and videos can assist and compliment a number of traditional services such as:

  • Roof Inspections
  • Gutter Condition
  • External Structural Inspections
  • Defect Diagnosis (where inaccessible)

As well as more traditional survey methods, we regularly undertake digital 3D laser scan surveys to generate complete building models that contain much more accurate and reliable data, supplemented by additional data gathered from an airborne drone mounted camera to fill in the gaps that cannot be measured from ground level.


A laser scanner is a highly accurate measuring tool that uses laser light and photographs to capture data in the built environment. Every time a laser hits a solid surface, a record of a point in 3-dimensional space is generated. Collectively over multiple laser points per scan and multiple scan locations per inspection, a spatially accurate 3D point cloud is generated. This can be used to prepare all necessary drawings and models for a site or building including plans, sections, and elevations, as well as generating orthographic photographs or 3D imagery as required.


Using a laser scanner to undertake a survey is a significantly less intrusive and disruptive survey method. It also enables occupation of a building not to interfere with our inspections which can be undertaken quickly and with minimal interruption.


Alongside our laser scan capability, where the scanner cannot view an area (such as a roof) then we supplement this dataset with further information gathered from a camera mounted to a UAV (drone). Using leading photogrammetry software, we transform this data into a matching point cloud and can merge each dataset together to create a fuller and more complete model. A drone is also proven to be a far safer way of gathering data in inaccessible areas, reducing inherent risks and making the survey process far smoother in what could be a difficult scenario.


Our survey techniques can be tailored to your needs, providing as simple or detailed deliverables as your situation requires.


In addition to measured data, a laser scan or measured survey can assist in other practices such as:

  • Defect Diagnosis
  • Right to Light Assessments
  • Volume Calculations
  • Preparation of CGI + Visualisations
  • Planning Applications + Pre-Planning Discussions
  • Preparing Visual Records of Historic Buildings
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