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Neighbourly Matters


Neighbourly Matters is a specialist area of Surveying practice involving the resolution of disputes (or avoidance of potential disputes) between the owners/occupiers of neighbouring properties.

Depending upon the specific case, different pieces of legislation will apply. Many developments will require the input of a Neighbourly Matters specialist to allow the works to be undertaken.

The main areas dealt with are:

AG can provide advice whether at pre-acquisition, feasibility, design stage, or upon a dispute arising. Advice may be sought by the party wishing to build on/develop a site, or the neighbour affected by the works.

We can assist you in ensuring that your scheme is deliverable and advise you upon any possible restrictions, delays and additional costs which will need to be considered in the planning of the project.

Property owners have certain rights and obligations owed to and from their neighbours. This includes access rights to repair and maintain areas of buildings by entering onto neighbouring land. AG will assist in obtaining the necessary access required, and advising clients upon whether the planned works are applicable.

If works are planned which including the over-sailing of scaffold, machinery (cranes etc.) over neighbouring land, permission is required. AG can negotiate with the land owner and prepare a formal agreement to allow the over-sailing to take place.

Other matters affecting neighbours can involve nuisance, due to odour, noise etc. and the presence of ‘high hedges’ on adjoining land.

If you think a development you are involved with might be affected, speak with a neighbourly matters specialist at AG.

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