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Joint Venture Consultancy

AG’s Joint Venture Consultancy facilitates collaboration and promotes development partnerships, specifically focused towards Registered Providers (RP’s) and Local Authorities (LA’s).
As a leading housing Development Advisor and Employers Agent, AG are well placed to assess viability, reduce risk and improve gross development value of housing schemes.

We look to initiate relationships to develop JV partnerships between RP’s/LA’s and Developers / Contractors and also provide commercial viability and Joint Venture (JV) contract services ensuring quality of delivery.

Our network of RP’s, developers and contractors across the North, coupled with thousands of units either on site or at appraisal stage means we know the market and the crucial numbers and have the expertise and experience to deliver.

We can advise on viability, open market sales approaches, procurement routes and hand hold along the path to ensure a comfortable and profitable Joint Venture.

Why a Joint Venture?

  • Access to increased opportunities – increase scale of schemes and number of houses delivered.
  • Sharing of costs.
  • Sharing of risks.
  • Sharing of skills – learning from your JV partner.
  • Building relationships.

Key Considerations for those entering a JV;

  • Construction / scheme appraisal viability advice.
  • Sales / valuation advice.
  • Financial and taxation advice.
  • Legal contract advice.

If you would like to find out further information about how Joint Ventures could help you, please contact Head of Development – Stuart Carter.

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