Building Surveys / Technical Due Diligence

Prior to acquisition, whether by purchase or lease, fully understanding the true condition of a building and the associated liabilities is of great importance.

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A commercial building is also subject to a variety of statutory legislation.

These matters should be determined and fully considered prior to making your legal commitment, whilst residential property is often the largest single purchase an individual will make and it is essential to understand the initial and ongoing liabilities.

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AG carry out Pre-Acquisition Surveys for all purposes, adapting these to suit the purchaser’s requirements.

Our reports include a detailed analysis of the building structure; maintenance requirements and defects identified, but also draw attention to the legislation that affects the users, owners and occupiers of commercial premises.

AG understand that time is of the essence during an acquisition and we appreciate the importance of identifying key issues at an early stage and recognise that clients require clear advice on these issues so that decisions can be taken.

We often provide an oral report immediately following the survey and the written report within one week of the inspection. AG ensure that the survey for each acquisition is tailored to the individual property and the associated risks.

If repair works are required, we can offer Design, Specification and Project Management Services.


“My role is to assess the building you are considering in terms of condition and its suitability to meet your business needs.”

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“Anderton Gables provided an extremely professional service, but more importantly were able to take a commercial approach in the provision of their building surveying advice”

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