Building Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Building Reinstatement Cost Assessments are required to assess the cost of rebuilding a property in the event of destruction, usually a requirement of your buildings insurance.

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AG undertake the measurement, assessment and calculations to prepare the required valuations for both commercial and domestic buildings.

Buildings must be insured to cover the full cost of demolition and rebuilding, together with any other allowances for professional fees. For leased buildings, the insurance policy may cover ground rent and an alternative accommodation for the lessees, but this should be clarified with the insurance company.

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An accurate Reinstatement Cost could save you money on your insurance premiums by accurately determining the value of your property before you obtain a quotation. We have known some property owners to guess at the Cost of Reinstatement, but in the event of an insurance claim being made; the first thing the underwriter will ask for is a Reinstatement Valuation.

If your property is undervalued, you might not receive the full value of your insurance claim. Although many buildings insurance policies are index linked, it is still sensible to obtain regular Reinstatement Valuations to ensure sufficient cover.

In the event of fire or other catastrophe, AG can assist with specifying & administering repairs as part of our Project Management Services, agreeing suitable settlements with the insurance loss adjusters.


“My role is to ensure you are adequately insured – not under or over insured”

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