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Boundary Issues


Any matter relating to the Boundaries of a property from dispute ownership, position, or encroachment and trespass are Boundary Issues.

Disputes and other issues relating to boundaries can arise for a number of reasons. AG will consider all of the facts to arrive at the appropriate conclusion, providing the best advice possible.

We can provide initial advice, detailed reports, and associated drawings present the details of the matter and provide suitable recommendations.

As boundary issues are often contentious between the neighbours involved we will always provided independent impartial advice, regardless of the source of our instructions.

AG can advise upon the extents of a site and position of boundaries. This might also include examining possible trespassing and encroachment/over-sailing of the boundary line.

Rights of way and other easements are often linked to these matters. Some of these rights are granted in writing, or acquired over time. AG will assess the evidence and offer guidance on whether rights exist and if they have been affected in any way.

Where a boundary dispute is resolved AG can prepare suitable drawings for submission to Land Registry to confirm the position as a “determined boundary”.

If you are concerned with a Boundary Issue, talk to a Neighbourly Matters specialist at AG.

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