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1. We are all about our People

People really are our greatest asset and we strive to empower and grow everyone to be the best they can be. AG are committed to developing our staff and creating a culture in which they can grow and reach their goals, both personally and professionally.

Each member of our team has an individual growth development plan, a budget and monthly one to one’s thus providing an opportunity to discuss training, interests and a platform for development. With AG providing the opportunity for training, development and growth, it enables us to ensure we have a happy team who know where they are going and how they will get there! We recognise and reward contribution and achievements. We celebrate success together, as a team.

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2. Culture is our Strategy

We agree with Peter Drucker, ‘Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast’. We are committed to be an empowering and culture driven business.

 ‘The way we do things around here’ goes without saying. We are down to earth people who believe that a relaxed atmosphere and having fun at work does not stand in the way of providing the best service. Friendly, can-do attitudes and having the ability to build great relationships promote that all-important skill – Great Communication.

  • Reason Three
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3. We are hugely ambitious and progressive

We want to be the best.

Growth is in our DNA and this is proven in our robust strategic development plans. This growth brings unlimited opportunities for our people with a clear progression route for each role as new teams are formed. We don’t hold people back; we empower them, develop them and grow them.

  • Reason Four
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4. We have great clients and great quality work

We act for a wide variety of client types and sit in a great place within the industry.

As a medium sized firm, we can avoid poor quality, unfulfilling work and be the consultancy of choice to high profile national clients. We can be appointed in sectors and at certain instruction levels where set criteria need to meet. We simply don’t do poor quality work. We respect our clients and we respect our people’s right to enjoy work and develop themselves not just personally, with the clients and the client types they work with.

  • Reason Five
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5. We are agile and lacking in that red tape

Is there a sector, service or geographical location you want to develop? We can say yes.