Graduate to Architectural Technician


In 2016 I started to study a degree in Architectural Technology at Liverpool John Moore’s University.

This was the very beginning of my career and interest within the built environment.


While at LJMU much of my time was spent learning about and working in 3D BIM (like Revit) rather than 2D (AutoCAD) so the past year at AG has been interesting and challenging, transferring my knowledge between two very similar but very different software packages.

My degree gave me a great base for the knowledge I needed to progress my career and helped me get to where I am now at AG.


Starting as a Trainee Architectural Technician at AG in late 2019 I joined our Architectural & Measurement team who introduced me to many different methods of measurement in both 2D and 3D. This includes methods as simple as using a Laser Distance Measure (‘Disto’) and simple tape measure, up to using various types of 3D Laser Scanners and Total Stations.

As well as how to operate the equipment and undertake surveys, I have learned to use several different software applications in order to process and draw our surveys.

The most recent piece of equipment I have been training with is a Robotic Total Station, including learning how to setup the survey station, how to measure different elements in a certain space (e.g. roads, features around building, and changes in level etc.) and how this feeds into producing drawings for our Clients.


The most significant project that I have been involved with to date is the measurement of 350+ units across 3 new build apartment blocks in Salford located very close to Salford Central train station. This ongoing job was passed to me from my colleague Andy in December 2019 shortly after I joined AG, who showed me the ropes and gave me the knowledge I needed to get started and pick up this project.

This large scheme of surveys was my first experience using a handheld laser scanner (the GeoSLAM Revo RT) which is the perfect tool for performing the job quickly and efficiently as it avoids some of the time needed with other types of scanners.

This project will shortly be concluding at the end of 2020 once the final visit is completed and we have measured and reported on every single area in the whole development


The next step in my career will to be to work on my progression to becoming a Chartered Architectural Technologist in future. Working as part of a great team at AG will provide me with the experience to kickstart my future.