What is an Employers Agent?

Let’s talk… What is an Employers Agent?


The term ‘Employers Agent’ (EA) is used on a daily basis in the Construction industry and yet it is still not very clearly defined. You may be wondering what the Employers Agent role involves and so we are here to help you to understand.

+ At A Glance

An Employers Agent acts on behalf of the client as the Contract Administrator for Design and Build Contracts, undertaking the role of Lead Consultant, Project Manager and Cost Consultant. The EA is also responsible for ensuring the works are undertaken to the clients required standards, for quality control and cost management.

An Employers Agent can support the client prior to the award of contract, during and after.

Here we have listed the main duties for each stage:-



  • Analyse the Client’s brief and prepare an estimate of the construction cost and a draft project programme.
  • Appraise the site and if required arrange for a survey of the site and any investigations. The EA would raise any concerns to the client and assist them in the correct remediation methods if required.
  • Work alongside the Client, Architect and any additional consulting engineers, to develop a scheme for outline proposals.
  • Formulate the brief to the Contractors in the form of the employer’s requirements together with the associated tender documentation.
  • Advise on warranties, bonds, consents and licenses.
  • Negotiate tender from the Contractor to achieve a tender offer within the pre-determined construction cost estimates.
  • Sanction the Contractor’s detailed design.
  • Prepare the contract documents.



  • Chair and minute monthly site meetings.
  • Sanction the Contractor’s detailed design throughout the contract.
  • Provide full quality control inspection services throughout the contract.
  • Provide a full cost control administration service throughout the contract.
  • Carry out full quality inspection on completion of the works and issue appropriate certification under the contract.
  • Arrange commissioning and any maintenance contracts for M&E installations


+ Why Are EA’s Required?

The EA is an entrusted advisor to the Employer to manage the project, affording impartiality, whilst acting with the full authority of the Employer, in providing decision making functions, to enable the Employer to fulfil their contractual obligations in a timely fashion.

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