What are Reinstatement Cost Assessments?

Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCA’s) are an important tool when calculating the total re-build cost of property’s in the event of destruction enabling them to be accurately insured. The re-build cost should also include other allowances such as statutory and professional fees, demolition and removal of debris and specific site factors such as access, listed buildings and buildings within conservation areas.


A total re-build cost can be carried out either on an elemental basis or by a rate per square meter which is taken from previous building statistics. Costs on an elemental basis are more detailed and will generally take longer to produce and are likely to be more expensive.


An accurate RCA is important to ensure that the property is accurately insured. If your property is undervalued this could lead to not receiving the full value of the insurance claim and could result in the property owner or asset manager being liable for the difference in settlement. If the property is overvalued, then you will be overpaying on your insurance premiums.


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors recommend that a complete RCA is carried out every 3 years or when significant changes have been made to a property and a desktop evaluation is carried out on an annual basis.


As Chartered Surveyors Anderton Gables have years of experience in providing RCA’s to a number of different clients within the commercial and residential sectors and we can provide a complete RCA on either an elemental basis or using rates and can also undertake desktop studies.


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