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    Building Social Value All Over The North

    How can we add Social Value to what we do?

    Giving back and contributing to our community has always been important to Anderton Gables. If you’ve been following our #AllOverTheNorth campaign, then you will already know how proud we are to be Northern. We may have mentioned it once or twice.

    But to us being #AllOverTheNorth isn’t just a slogan about AG being considered the North-West’s number one Project and Building Consultancy (Thank you for that Red Rose Awards 2019), but a vision to become a driving force for positive change and development all over the North of England. Every time we take on a new project we ask ourselves, “How does this contribute positively to people’s lives and benefit the community?”, essentially what more can we do to maximise the benefit this project brings to the North?

    After attending an event in Liverpool hosted by Social Value UK on how to add Social Value to everything we do, AG are now more committed than ever to this vision. We also have a few ideas on how we can achieve this alongside our clients.

    Adding Social Value is defined as anything which contributes positively to people’s lives, and is broken down into 3 different forms:

    • Inherent Value = The main and immediately obvious way which this improves people’s lives.
    • Embedded Value = Less obvious but important value that comes with the build. This is also the value provided to our industry.
    • Added Value = Any other positive effects on the community, i.e. jobs, infrastructure.

    While reflecting on this AG have looked at many of the contracts we have completed in the past, the clients we have worked with and looked at different ways to have previously built Social Value. Taking the above breakdown into account here are some ways we feel like AG build Social Value – Click on each for more information:

    • AG Inherent Value = Contracts that have an obvious benefit to the area and the people living there. For example, building affordable homes or office space, all of which has a positive effect on the region.
    • AG Embedded Value = The good we do for our industry, building relationships with clients which over time contributes positively to them, our trade and the locations we work in. Basically, anything which stimulates the construction business that AG contribute towards. This was the whole inspiration behind our #LastFridayClub
    • AG Added Value = #AllOverTheNorth as a vision to literally ‘build up the North’ as it’s also where we and our families live. Plus, all the added benefits that come with us contributing to our region.

    With our commitment to adding Social Value redefined, AG are looking forward to doing all we can in the future to build Social Value #AllOverTheNorth!