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    AG team up with Advantage Wellbeing to promote happy and healthy workforce

    1st April 2019 marks the first day of Stress Awareness Month and Anderton Gables have teamed up with Advantage Wellbeing to promote a happy and healthy workforce.

    Anderton Gables understand that good employees are hard to come by. Many organisations find recruitment a challenge due to the recent recession whereby employees are becoming concerned about job security and the fear of “jumping ship”.  Graduates are leaving their professions and seeking positions in different industries and applicants that are received, have not undertaken adequate training or have little or no experience within the industry.

    Dan Green, Managing Director of Advantage Wellbeing commented: “The cost of hiring for SME’s is high: a company with 20 to 40 employees will spend on average £25,100.00 employing a new one. With recruitment being tough and national health declining year after year, the NHS reported they spend more than £11bh a year on treating illnesses caused by the effects of diet, inactivity, smoking and drinking alcohol.  In Lancashire, the percentage is higher than the national average in these areas alone.  Focusing on these areas is just a scratch on the surface of what Advantage Wellbeing undertake and Anderton Gables have been at the forefront of this movement for some time now and it is excellent news that we will continue to work together”.

    Anderton Gables believe that the most important investment within any organisation should be those who currently work for you. Statistics show that employees with a great overall wellbeing are 81% less likely to seek out a new employer in the next year.  At a national level, financial stress among employees is costing organisations approximately £120 billion in lost productivity and sickness absence with 15% of employees who are struggling financially taking time off work due to money worries.  Workplace wellbeing and positivity within the workplace environment are an important driver of increasing employee engagement and job satisfaction.  These motivational tools will provide a direct positive impact on an organisations productivity.

    Jonathan Shaw, Managing Director Anderton Gables commented: “Our Core Values are a large part of our overall vision here at AG. We believe in being positive and having fun without this standing in the way of professionalism. We believe that the health of current employees and creating a culture of wellbeing at work is imperative.  We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Advantage Wellbeing and the short workshops that have already been undertaken have had an already positive impact on the workforce with many of the team taking part in park runs, signing up to gyms and registering for the JLL Property Triathlon in July.  We are looking forward to working alongside Dan and his team in the future and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us”.