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    MIPIM – 8 Survival Tips

    As AG are preparing for a hectic (but fantastic!) week at MIPIM in Cannes, we thought we would share some tips straight from our Director, Jonathan Shaw.


    • Established in 1990
    • Aimed at all sectors of the international property industry
    • 4-day programme
    • 360+ speakers
    • 100 countries
    • 100+ conferences
    • 5000 investors

    So, that’s MIPIM in a nutshell, but what really is the 4-day event all about and with over 25,000 participants, how do you get the most out of the week? Here’s our 8 top tips to survival;

    1. Prepare. The first and most important tip is to prepare for MIPIM. Have a look at the MIPIM programme in advance and plan the sessions you would like to attend. When you get to Cannes it is easy to get swept away and attend drinkie event after drinkie event! Looking at the schedule with your goals in mind now will help you to pick out events that you can profit from and will also give you the opportunity to meet new people.
    2. Who do you want to meet? Get in touch way before the event as you will find that attendees diaries get filled up very quickly so be sure to get them meetings arranged early. Remember to use French time!
    3. Practice your pitch. Decide in advance what you want contacts / clients to know about you and your business. Keep this to under 1 minute and ensure it is relevant to who you are speaking to, adapt if required.
    4. Pace yourself. It is easy to end up sat half cut in a deck chair mid afternoon if you spend the day accepting another cold bottle of Carlsberg from the waiter as he goes by! These can be long days so keep that in mind.
    5. Take in Cannes. Get away from the bustle for half an hour and absorb a bit of Cannes for yourself – or grab a chair at a beach bar and recharge taking in the view.
    6. Take Note. There will be plenty of drinking and many conversations that can become difficult to remember once you return to the UK. Try to make brief notes on who you have met, any important discussions and companies of interest. This will help you when you return to the office.
    7. Follow it up. When you have returned to the UK and recovered from the world’s biggest property event, ensure you follow each and every new contact up. It is a great place to collect business cards and meet new people but without following these through, it becomes meaningless. This is where your notes will come in handy.
    8. Back in Blighty. There are also organised MIPIM events in the UK so if you can, attend these back home too. It will give you a chance to catch anybody who wasn’t able to make Cannes and form further relationships.

    Lastly – Enjoy yourself! Smile, be open minded and make the trip you are investing in count. The MIPIM website has tons of information and a list of FAQ’s where you can find details on dress code, registration, attendees etc. so do your homework beforehand.

    If you would like to arrange to meet up with AG, please get in touch!

    We hope to see you there!