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    An EA’s Update

    Station Road, Delamere

    AG are acting as Employers Agent on Station Road (Delamere).

    Despite the recent rain and cold weather, progress on the delivery of 166 residential units at Station Road, Delamere continues to move forward at a good pace, as the Show Homes and the Sales Suite start to receive their roof structures with completion due Feb/Mar 19.

    Site remediation and extraction of peat has now completed, having seen circa 85,000 m3 of peat excavated from site over the past several months.  Substructure works are also progressing, together with the superstructure on several of the phases with the new entrance works looking to start in the New Year.

    Laurus Homes will soon be announcing the launch of Earlsbrook, so keep an eye out for these beautiful homes in Delamere