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AG Investing in PropTech: Improvements to our Scanning Capabilities Using Realtime 3D Laser Scans

This month AG have invested further in 3D Digital Surveying Technology to carry out Measured Building Surveys.

Investing in cutting edge construction related technology (proptech) is instrumental for us to add value to the Services we provide; making us faster, more accurate, and generating a more robust dataset for our clients.

We now implement industry leading scanning technology within our Measurement Services as standard. Our latest technology and software ensures that your building records are more accurate and all-encompassing than ever before. Scan data includes all visible structural elements, architectural features and furniture layouts & positions, resulting in an accurate representation of your asset.

If your building or site records are inaccurate, out of date or missing, you could be at risk of costly design errors relating to future works. A Measured Building Survey will ensure that your drawings are current, accurate and contain all the necessary information.

Contact us now for more information on AG’s Measured Services, including:

Measured Building + Site Surveys

Area Referencing + Analysis

Ariel photography, Video + Surveying

3D Laser Scanning + Drone Surveys

Each of these can be instructed individually, or multiple elements can be undertaken simultaneously using the latest Digital Surveying methods

If you would like further information, please click here.