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Managing a Busy Office

There are many moving parts to managing a busy office; from finance and HR issues to the day to day operational aspects.  The more efficiently an office is managed, the more successful a business can perform and benefit from the results.

Here are 4 AG tips…


  1. Be organised – Plan your tasks ahead (if you can) weekly and ensure all the necessary information is available. Empower the team by setting realistic and attainable goals and advise what the desired results are. Being organised for the week ahead before you leave the office on a Friday also enables you to go into the weekend without worrying about what is facing you on Monday Morning!


  1. Become a pro at multi-tasking! – Whilst managing a busy office, managers are required to deal with ad-hoc matters arising throughout the day as well as managing their own workload.  In order to do this, they must be able to multi-task… Prioritise your actions for that day whilst trying to not get distracted.


  1. Manage your time effectively – How many times are you interrupted who needs help with something “right now”? Whilst it is tempting to drop everything you are working on and help, interruptions like this can throw you off track and you waste time trying to refocus and get back to your equally as important task.  If the task can be delegated, do it early on, provide a clear brief and set clear start and end times.  Also, saying “No” to requests that don’t contribute to achieving the critical goals of an organisation, can be a daily life saver for you when it comes to managing your own time.


  1. Maintain a happy and positive attitude – Managing an office can be stressful considering that are many tasks to do at any one time. No matter how repetitive certain questions may become, you should always try to remain friendly, approachable and patient when interacting with clients and colleagues.


AG have 3 team members providing Administration support to ensure the smooth running of each of our regional offices.