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Go Green – AG Tips

Why should you care about going green?

When our environment is stripped of its natural resources by over-consumption, it becomes unbalanced and unmaintainable. This can lead to poor health due to biological toxins in the air, water, and foods that we need to survive. Many describe our earth as a fragile planet with very limited resources.

AG would like to share some tips to become eco-friendlier. After all, construction businesses are in a great position to contribute and if we all accept some responsibility, the planet will become more sustainable for years to come.

What does ‘going green’ actually mean?

It is a phrase that is being used more often; it is likely you will have heard it whilst listening to the ever-growing natural disaster news stories and warnings of the environmental struggles we all face. ‘Going green’ refers to using various methods to help protect the environment. It is about becoming friendlier to the world and sustaining resources for the future.

AG have collated a few pointers to keep in mind whilst working on your next project: –

  1. Integrate recycled and/or biodegradable materials where possible. This will reduce waste and air pollution. For example; use natural paint which will decay without polluting the earth and minimise indoor air pollution.
  2. If it is not possible for you to construct zero-energy buildings (and you have a valid excuse!) then ensure you use renewable resources such as the sun à solar panels.
  3. As you will be aware, changes to projects are often inevitable and plans may require alterations which can lead to wastage. However, what we can do is reduce the amount of waste during a project; get creative and think of ways to reuse.
  4. Insulation can be used anywhere with airflow; walls, doors, windows and roofing. It works by trapping heat and is one of the most cost effective ways to cut down on energy.
  5. Low flow faucets, showerheads and toilets are good alternatives to preserve water. If this isn’t your choice to make, be sure to let the decider know the benefits of using less water.

There are also a few easy ways to go green in your office (yes, we are still going!).

  1. Use eco-friendly office supplies. You will find that the amount of companies offering a green version of products is increasing so please support them as they are doing a great thing for our environment.
  2. Turn off lights when they are not in use! This not only saves energy but it will also save the £££!
  3. Reduce paper usage where possible; print on both sides, print green, recycle all.
  4. Make the most of video / web conferencing to cut down on travelling costs.
  5. If you drive into work on your own, commute to work via carpool, bike or walk.

Remember –  Small Steps, Major Impact