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AG attend housing crisis debate

AG attended the recent North West Housing Breakfast to debate the current housing crisis in the North West and to hear possible solutions put forward by a panel of industry figureheads including Local Authority Councillors.

The housing shortage featured strongly in the debate but with demand for laborers and materials also affecting many schemes, it was interesting to hear claims bricklayers were earning £80,000 per year in some areas due to  shortages.  Thoughts of taking politicians out of the planning process also surfaced as developers look for assistance with the planning process which also proved to be hindering some schemes.

The Insiders breakfast also analysed changing customer expectations when it comes to housing, including increasing levels of service and aftercare and the increasing strains these put on house builders.

It is clear that both the private and public sectors need to work collectively to look to redress the lack of housing to service a growing population with the North having the potential to provide this opportunity.


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