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Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence combines research, analysis and information gathering about the physical characteristics of the property.
Anderton Gables have extensive experience in delivering Technical Due Diligence reports for clients across a range of sectors – the service is aimed at mitigating client risk.

The process generally includes;

  • Considering the suitability of the building for the clients occupational requirements in terms of design, layout, flexibility and facilities
  • Assessing the building’s structure and fabric and advising of the quality of design, construction, workmanship and materials
  • Providing advice to solicitors on technical matters arising from the legal acquisition documentation
  • When dealing with contemporary buildings, assisting in the procurement of suitable warranties from the consultants and contractors responsible for the design and construction of the development and full as-built drawings and specifications together with operating and maintenance manuals
  • Advising on the requirement for specialist advice from other consultants and providing an overview and interpretation of the advice
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Associate Director

Tom Hargreaves
Preston Office
I am an Associate Director + Chartered Building Surveyor here at Anderton Gables providing both Contract Administration, Project Management and professional services to my Clients. I head up the Commercial Building Surveying Team in the Preston Office
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Senior Associate

John MacMillan
Manchester Office
I head up the Commercial Building Surveying Team in the Manchester Office

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