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Pre-lease Building Assessment

Understanding the liabilities over the term of a lease is often overlooked by potential tenants whereas it is common for purchasers to instruct a detailed survey.
A Pre-lease Building Assessment reports upon the condition of the building, immediate liabilities and expenditure required to enable the building to be occupied by the proposed Tenant identifies likely maintenance and component replacement expenditure during the proposed term of occupation and also considers lease end obligations.

The Pre-lease Building Assessment report concludes by identifying items to be considered during lease negotiations and those which should, ideally be negotiated out of the lease. It is worthy of note the solicitor drafting the lease may not have the opportunity to visit the premises and therefore this report can be a great advantage in achieving the correct lease terms to maximise the tenants protection.

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We have provided Pre-lease Building Assessment & Pre Lease building advice to wide range of clients with great results, these include a potential tenant which resulted in the quantifiable savings of over £100,000 over a five year term.

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Associate Director

Tom Hargreaves
Preston Office
I am an Associate Director + Chartered Building Surveyor here at Anderton Gables providing both Contract Administration, Project Management and professional services to my Clients. I head up the Commercial Building Surveying Team in the Preston Office
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Senior Associate

John MacMillan
Manchester Office
I head up the Commercial Building Surveying Team in the Manchester Office

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