Stock Condition Surveys

Stock Condition Surveys

Typically commissioned by registered social landlords; housing associations, local authority housing departments and government departments. Stock condition surveys typically compromised visual inspection of a sample of stock to assess the condition of components – their state of disrepair, when they needed repairing or replacing and the cost to bring them to an acceptable standard

This is best understood by looking at each of the key terms individually and with examples.

Stock can be any asset of the built environment:

– Assets – buildings or components these may be, for example, domestic, commercial, industrial or institutional;
– Spaces – for example: public spaces, parks, pavements; private spaces, corridors, atria;
– Facilities – for example: provision of lighting, accessibility;
– Attributes – for example; material, measure, location.

Condition is the criteria by which the stock is to be judged.

Typical condition issues include;

– State of repair or disrepair;
– Physical state and need for maintenance;
– Existence of components;
– Health and safety;
– Fitness for purpose;
– Capacity to meet regulatory requirements;
– Capacity to meet performance requirements.

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