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AG – Accredited Bloom Supplier

AG is now an accredited Bloom supplier!

That means any member or associate member of NEPO may request a proposal or call off our services through the Nepro solution for Architect, Costing & Estimation and Surveying Services.

What Bloom Say…

“We are Bloom. Our approach to professional services procurement is different.

We specialise in bringing together a community of buyers and suppliers to help the public sector buy professional services better. We’re passionate about delivering better outcomes for all projects, so we’re free to think differently about the challenges buyers are facing, to offer more choice, more flexibility and better value.

Delivering the Nepro neutral vendor solution, we’re opening up procurement by changing the way it’s done, giving the best choice for buyers, and more business opportunities for suppliers, big or small.

We were established in 2012 as NEPRO Ltd and the UK’s exclusive operator of the NEPO Specialist Professional Services neutral vendor solution. Our business is now the trusted partner to over one hundred Public Sector organisations.”

AG are thrilled to be on board and look forward to working with Bloom.