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A Day in the Life of Office Manager

Its nearing a year since our Business Development / Marketing Assistant Kirsty Robinson was appointed as Office Manager so we thought we would catch up with her, see what she has been up to and pick up some tips along the way!


Time flies Kirsty! How has the last year at AG been for you?

Exciting and challenging!! As well as the day to day aspects, there have been so many changes that have happened within the past 12 months; Rebrand, 10 Year Anniversary, Appointments of new Staff, Red Rose Awards, working on tender frameworks, not to mention studying for a degree in Business – I’m not quite sure where the time has gone!


You worked very hard for your promotion, how did you ensure you learnt your new role in a timely manner and to a satisfactory level? 

Working within the industry for 16 years certainly helps. Luckily for me, Jonathan, Andrew and all the team are approachable therefore if there was anything that I was unsure of, I felt comfortable to ask.

Working to deadlines helps too – Plan-ahead and get organised!


You manage to juggle a full-time role and a Business degree and still have a great social life – How do you maintain a healthy work life balance? Do you have any tips for those trying to keep on top of things?

The trick is to be organised!! Leaving the office on a Friday afternoon and returning on a Monday knowing you have a backlog of work to catch up on can be daunting. Being proactive and organised helps. Plan the following weeks tasks before leaving the office on a Friday so that you can go into the weekend not worrying about work! Enjoy the weekend with family and friends and then you are ready to hit the ground running on Monday.


What tips would you like to share for anybody aspiring to be an Administration Professional / Office Manager?

  1. Believe in yourself and your abilities.
  2. Never settle for second best and push yourself to your absolute limit. If you only push yourself to the level that you think you can reach, that’s the best you will ever achieve. If you aim higher than what you think is achievable, you will be pleasantly surprised with your capabilities.
  3. The most important tip is to never let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough and will never make it. Believe in yourself that you are good enough and with your drive and determination, you will make it!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? (yes we went there!)

At the wrong end of the 30’s bracket!!!!

In all honesty, it’s simple – It is to be happy within my working environment and to continue to grow within the team here at AG.  I am lucky to be working within an organisation that has such strong values and ambition and I am looking forward to taking on more responsibility as the organisation continues to grow.


Thank you Kirsty!