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Work Life Balance

National Work Life Week is an annual campaign to get both employers and employees talking about wellbeing at work and work life fit.

A work-life balance is extremely important for happiness and productivity, maintaining the right balance between career and lifestyle will give you the best chance of strong performance at work and help you to uphold health. Without balance, we are vulnerable to stress, fatigue and discontentment, all of which are detrimental to both the workplace and personal wellbeing.

In line with Work Life Week, Dan Green Managing Director of Advantage Wellbeing visited AG’s Preston office to carry out a Wellbeing Clinic.

Jonathan Shaw, Managing Director of AG commented: “Work Life Balance Week is a great way to raise awareness and promote employee wellness. In March this year, we teamed up with Advantage Wellbeing to promote a happy and healthy workforce which has had a very positive impact on our workforce and I encourage others to consider introducing a wellbeing programme. We are also looking to run an AG Wellbeing Challenge in the run up to Christmas so keep your eyes peeled for updates!”

Anderton Gables believe that the most important investment within any organisation should be those who work for you. Statistics show that employees with a great overall wellbeing are 81% less likely to seek out a new employer in the next year.  At a national level, financial stress among employees is costing organisations approximately £120 billion in lost productivity and sickness absence with 15% of employees who are struggling financially taking time off work due to money worries.  Workplace wellbeing and positivity within the workplace environment are an important driver of increasing employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Work Life Balance Week provides an opportunity for companies to have a look at their culture, wellbeing and employee engagement. It is a time for employers to close any gaps, review policies and aim to introduce some positive and motivational changes.

Here at AG we have introduced ‘Fruity Mondays’, each Monday a fresh 50-piece fruit box is delivered to our door for staff to enjoy throughout the week.

We have also appointed a Social Secretary to organise Sports and Social events for AG throughout the year. We will be involving all of the team in the deciding of any events and gathering ideas to bring everybody closer together, celebrate our achievements, raise money and create fantastic memories.