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The HS2 is given the green light from new transport secretary

Since Theresa May’s appointment as the new UK Prime Minister, she has finalised her massive shake-up of the Tory party’s cabinet. After securing of her role as Prime Minister, coupled with her announcement of her new line up for the cabinet, UK market confidence has increased, producing promising increases in the Pound value and share prices. The Prime Minister has repeatedly vowed ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and has called upon her party to ‘make Brexit work for Britain’, promising ‘we are going to make a success of it.’

Now that May has completed her appointment of government ministers, her new Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has already got hard at work. After calls from ‘The Stop HS2’ campaign group for Mr. Grayling to urgently review the project on cost grounds as well as the effect on town and cities along the route, the Transport Secretary told BBC Radio 4’s The World This Weekend:

“I have no plans to back away from the HS2 project.”

The announcement that the HS2 plan will not be scrapped calms the worry of many that with May’s new government, the future of the HS2 became uncertain. Mr. Grayling went on to emphasise that the line was not just about speed but also important to increase the capacity, which would ease congestion on the currently very overcrowded trains, saying:

“And the thing that’s important for people to understand is that HS2 is not simply a speed project, it is a capacity project. We have lines at the moment which have seen huge increases in the number of passengers and the amount of freight in recent years.”

The construction of the HS2 is a crucial factor in the continued success of ‘The Northern Powerhouse’ – the term coined by former Chancellor George Osborne. The train line will connect the northern region of the country; East Midlands, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester with Birmingham and London. The plan to connect the North’s 15 million population with London and the Southeast, the fast rail system between the two regions, is crucial for the continued economic growth of the area.

Grayling went on to say,

“Of course, it makes sense if we are going to build a new railway line, for it to be a fast rail line, to reduce travel times from north to south. That is logical.”

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Jonathan Shaw, Partner, at Anderton Gables comments:

“With the recent uncertainty of the HS2 project, we are ecstatic to hear the announcement from our transport minister Chris Grayling, that he stands entirely behind the high-speed rail project. This train line is the dynamite behind the boost of the economic success of our region.”

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