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The changing face of Manchester – the new developments that will change Manchester forever.

The cranes are out in full force, dotting Manchester’s sky line. These cranes mark the beginning of the changing face of Manchester and confirm the much awaited building boom.  There are over a dozen new skyscrapers planned for our city that will rise up 30 floors or more. These buildings will consist of office space, public space and apartments. The projects will create over 10,000 apartments for city centre living and should be completed over the next couple of years. The buildings will also house art venues, parks and hotels.

 In this article we will look at the top 6 most exciting projects.

  1. The £800 million new neighbourhood in the North of Manchester will be called NOMA. The project will add 2 new skyscrapers called Angel Gardens and 3 Angel Square that will stand next to the existing building owned by the Co-operative Group, One Angel Square. This project has been in discussion for a few years but took a long hiatus after the 2008 economic crash, so it’s exciting to see the empty plot finally being developed.
  1. Oxygen is the name of the next promising new development which will be a 31 storey skyscraper. It will stand on the corner of Great Ancoats and Store Street and will be another residential building, situated on the strip of the inner ring road. The 345 flat development will boast 12 townhouses and will even have its own allotments.
  1. The third most exciting development in Manchester will see the Abu Dhabi investors behind Manchester City Football Club create a 300 home waterfront development on the Rochdale canal. This will be the first of their £1bn plans to build 6,000 new homes in the North and East of our city. They will be called New Union Street Apartments and will be erected in the New Islington area of the city.
  1. A new district has been planned by Allied London, the developers that gave us Spinningfields. The plans will see a 50 storey skyscraper built in the vast £1.2bn new district which will create 2,500 new apartments. The district will house hotels, art venues and green space, as well as low-rise buildings earmarked for independent businesses. In the heart of the development will be the £110m Factory Theatre.
  1. Architect Ian Simpson is the name behind a few of the new skyscrapers that will be popping up in Manchester. His famed Beetham Tower will gain a sister – it will be a 42 storey tower on River Street that will replace the multi-storey car park that previously stood on the land. The block will give Manchester another 430 apartments.
  1. Mr Simpson didn’t stop with the 2 Beetham Towers, proving that the sky is the limit! He has added plans for 4 gigantic sky scrapers on the Great Jackson Street Site; an area that the council has wanted to target for development for a while. The blocks will stand next to the Mancunian Way and house another 1,400 apartments. The tallest block will stand at a whopping 64 stories high, which will far surpass any other skyscraper built or even planned in the city.

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Manging Director of Anderton Gables, Jonathan Shaw says about Manchester’s changing skyline:

“Many of the skyscraper projects in Manchester were proposed for planning before the economic crash, putting many of the developments on a long hiatus. For this reason, seeing them finally reach the bricks and mortar stage is a sure sign that Manchester is jumping out of a financial low point, right up to the sky – literally.”

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