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The Northern Powerhouse

 “Not one city, but a collection of northern cities- sufficiently close to each other that combined they can take on the world”

The Northern Powerhouse has seen increased momentum as the Chancellor earmarked substantial investments for the region in the 2016 Budget.  Building on his plans for the Northern Powerhouse in its mission to rebalance the economy away from London, he committed £60 million for the HS3: an east-west rail link aptly named the “Northern Powerhouse Rail” which will see journey times between Leeds and Manchester drop from 50 minutes to about 30 minutes. George Osborne also announced plans for an 18mile road tunnel under the Peak District, to speed up journey times between Manchester and London. The region will also receive £230m for road improvements, which includes plans for a four-lane M62.

The vision of the Northern Powerhouse is that the Mayor will be able to control the entire £22bn public spending quota for Greater Manchester. We have already witnessed the agreement for the £6bn health and social budget to be controlled locally, but the region’s press and other local powers are campaigning for a further £7bn wish list to be granted. The wish list that was drawn up in September includes calls for an extra £1bn towards health and social care, £2bn for transport, amongst a range of other sweeping tax powers. The dream is to create a ‘self-reliant’ population, with further freedoms and flexibilities aiding to boost the region’s economy.

The Northern Powerhouse will combine the regions of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and the North East; totalling over 10.7million people:  16.7% of the UK population. A quarter of this population live in Manchester and 21% in West Combined Authority.  Anderton Gables, a specialist in commercial building surveying, is at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse, with bases in Manchester and Preston. The award winning property and construction consultancy firm provides commercial building surveying services for clients concentrated across the Northern Powerhouse.  The experienced professionals at Anderton Gables undertake commercial building surveying for clients covering a vast range of sectors from retailers, public sector, investment providers, education authorities, and developers to name a few.

Jonathan Shaw, Managing Director of Anderton Gables says:

“The establishment of the Northern Powerhouse is a promising opportunity for our region, by creating a ‘super city’ to rival London. We look forward to the breath of fresh life these new developments will bring.”

Combining the northern regions will help local business win more opportunities and create a wealth of jobs essential to compete with London. The government has pledged £200 million to develop a research and innovation centre for world-class scientists and technicians in Manchester, this combined with the launch of TechNorth  billed to rival Silicon Roundabout in London, is exciting news for the economic growth of our region. At present the Northern Powerhouse accounts for 16% of all the jobs in Britain, which against London’s nearly 20%, proves that combining forces really should create a true competitor for London, with new jobs and opportunities becoming available in the region. The idea is that reducing the ‘commute to work’ time, high-end knowledge sector workers will seek jobs further afield without needing to move house.

The creation of the Northern Powerhouse marks a promising start of economic growth in the region, driven by a blooming private sector and held up by the local government. Uniting the people of the region will rebalance the national economy, cementing the North as a global centre for innovation and trade.

Anderton Gables has established itself as the market leader in the north, providing expert commercial building surveying services for businesses concentrated across the Northern Powerhouse. Contact Anderton Gables for more information.