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CDM Regulations – Moving Forward in 2016

In April 2015 the latest edition of the CDM (Construction Design & Management) Regulations came into force. The main purpose of this update was to improve the alignment of our domestic health and safety legislation with European Directives set out by The EU.

The most significant changes relate to responsibilities of the project stakeholders and the replacement of the ‘CDM-Coordinator’ role with the ‘Principal Designer’. There are now more obligations on ‘The Client’ (party instructing the works, usually paying for and/or benefitting or profiting from completion).

Anderton Gables are pleased to offer the ‘Principal Designer’ service and can advise you on the CDM requirements of your project.

Where a project involves more than one contractor (i.e. sub-contractors and specialists) ‘The Client’ must appoint a ‘Principal Designer’ and  ‘Principal Contractor’. The ‘Principal Designer’ takes responsibility for the design and majority of pre-construction phase of the project. The ‘Principal Contractor’ is responsible for the construction phase of the project.

The ‘Principal Designer’ can assist ‘The Client’ in collating all pre-construction information and will prepare and update the ‘Health & Safety File’ during the project. This file should be held on site to assist in the maintenance of the building(s) and in the design and execution of future works.

If no appointments are made by ‘The Client’ for the roles all requirements become the responsibility of ‘The Client ‘.

Submission of the F10 notification form to HSE (the Health & Safety Executive) is now the responsibility of the client, unless another party is appointed in writing to complete and submit the notice. Any project where the construction work is expected to last longer than 30 site days, involving more than 20 workers on site at any time or projects exceeding 500 person days on site are notifiable.

Further information can be found in the HSE [quick guide for clients].

Vince Rimmer, Chartered Building Surveyor – Anderton Gables

February 2016

For all your CDM related matters and to seek initial advice please contact Vince Rimmer or Tom Hargreaves in our Preston Office Tel: – 01772 562800